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S y s   S v i n d i n g  -  Sculptor

1981 – 85 Funen Art Academy

1984 apprenticed with the Danish-Japanese sculptor, Jun-Ichi Inoue

1985-86, 88-89 studies in marble, Pietrasanta and Carrara, Italy


Studio in Raadvad, Lyngby in Denmark and Hamburgsund in Sweden




1990 Charlottenborg's Spring Exhibition

1989 Charlottenborg's Spring Exhibition

1988 Charlottenborg's Spring Exhibition

1987 Charlottenborg's Spring Exhibition





2019 Kunstcenter Silkeborg Bad 12/10  Funen Spring Exhibition 90 years


2019 Johannes Larsen Museum, Kerteminde 6/7  Funen Spring Exhibition 90 years


2019 Sophienholm, Lyngby 11/5  Funen Spring Exhibition 90 years

2018 Egeskov Castle sculpturepark


2018 Greve Museum, Skulptur Extra 2018

2018 Funen Springexhibition, SAK, Svendborg

2017 Gerlesborg KKV, Bohuslän, Sweden

2017 Galleri Maralto, Smögen, Sweden

2017 Brøndsalen, Frederiksberg Garden v. Galleri5000

2017 Funen Spring Exhibition, SAK Svendborg

2016 Brandts 13 (Fyens Stift Kunstmuseum) Galleri-weekend 

2016 Gerlesborg KKV, Bohuslän, Sverige

2016 Galleri Maralto, Smögen, Sverige

2016 Funen Spring Exhibition. SAK, Svendborg

2015 Brandts 13 (Odense Artmuseum) Galleri-weekend 

2015 Funen Spring Exhibition, SAK, Svendborg

2014 Stories in Stone, Priiskorn Contemporary, Copenhagen

2014 Traces of Dreams, Dronninglund Artcenter, NorthJylland

2014 Funen Spring Exhibition, Johannes Larsen Museum, 85th Anniversary

2013 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Galleri 5000, Odense

2013 Funen Spring Exhibition, Art Exhibition Building, Filosoffen, Odense

2010 Jens Olof Hegnhøj, Nikolai Plads 26, Copenhagen

2012 Fossil Objects, Light over Lolland, Reventlow Museum, Lolland

2012 30th Anniversary Exhibition, Hollufgård Sculpture Park, Odense

2011 Amorismes, Galerie Provence, Ålborg

2011 Atelier Symposium, Galerie Anais, München, Germany

2010 Atelier Symposium, Galerie Petra Lange, Berlin, Germany

2007 Overalls. SAK´s Art Building, Svendborg

2005 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Galerie Provence, Ålborg

2005 Artists' Collective Workshop, Bohuslän, Sweden

2005 Nordic Art, Galleri NB, Roskilde Ålborg

2004 Compositions, Galleri Susanne Højriis, Copenhagen

2000 Agerholm Sculpture Park, Petersgård Estate, South Sjælland

1999 Agerholm Sculpture Park, Petersgård Estate, South Sjælland

1997 The Association, Den Gyldne, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen

1996 500th Anniversary Exhibition, Middelfart

1996 The Association, Riimfaxe, Art Exhibition Building, Odense

1995 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Hollufgård, Odense

1994 The Association, Den Gyldne, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen

1993 Excerpt, Nicolai Church, Copenhagen

1992 Sculpture at Ribe Art Museum, Ribe

1992 The Association M59, Den Frie, Copenhagen

1990 Easter Exhibition, Tistrup

1990 Munkebjerg Sculpture Park, Vejle

1990 Exhibitions at Huset, Copenhagen

1988 Park Exhibition, Hollufgård, Odense

1987 Samsø Art Association, Samsø



2018 Hegninge kirke, Slagelse

2018 Galleri Emmaus, New Works

2017 Past and Poetry, Galleri Orange, Helsingør

2016 Galleri Weber i Svendborg

2015 Galleri Kurzparkzone, München DE

2011 Galleri Weber, Svendborg

2009 The Old Rectory, Birkerød

2009 Galerie Provence, Ålborg

2008 Galleri Weber, Svendborg

2007 The Culture House, Farum

2005 Galerie Provence, Ålborg

2003 Galleri 5, Middelfart

2002 Lyngby Kunstforening

2002 Galerie Provence, Ålborg

2001 Galerie Susanne Højriis, Copenhagen

2001 Skulpture Park Agerholm, Petersgård Estate, South Sjælland

2000 Æglageret, Holbæk Art Association, Holbœk

1998 Galleri Anne Marie, Copenhagen

1997 Galerie Rasmus, Odense

1995 Galleri Bollhagen, Worpswede, Bremen, Germany

1994 Galerie Rasmus, Odense

1994 Gallerihuset, Copenhagen

1993 Bispegården, Kalundborg Art Association, Kalundborg

1992 New Court Gallery, Copenhagen

1991 The Nordic Council of Ministers, Copenhagen

1990 Galerie Meende, Vejle

1990 Court Gallery, Copenhagen

1988 Exhibitions at Huset, Copenhagen



2021 Commision in granite Back to the Nature for Fjordparken, Nykøbing F

2021 Commision in granite Airmail for Fjordparken, Nykøbing F

2020 Commision in granite Silent Journey for Fjordparken, Nykøbing F

2020 Commision in granite Fossil Object for Assens Library

2020 Commision in granite and water, Journey til Østbirk Kirke

2020 Commision in granite, Gyldendals Publisher, Copenhagen

2017 Center for Culture, Rudersdal Comunity

2014 Cangamiut Seafood, Dronninglund

2010 Saxo-Bank, Hellerup

2008 Saxo-Bank, Hellerup

2008 Private decoration, Hobro

2002 Private park in Salisbury, South England

2000 Ministry of Agriculture Experimental Station, Bygholm, Horsens

2000 Søndermark School, Give

1999 Ministry of Agriculture Experimental Station, Foulum

1999 Lava and People, Nordic Sculpture Symposium, Heimaey, Westman Islands, Iceland

1999 The Housing Association, BSB, The Old Brewery, Svendborg

1998-2008 Film statuette Simpel Simon, Odense Film Festival International

1994 Man and Stone, Sculpture Symposium, Qaqortoq, Grønland

1994 Granite sculpture, Ministry of Defence, Roskilde (collaborative project with Jun-Ichi Inoue)

1993 Man and Stone, Sculpture Symposium, Qaqortoq Grønland

1992 Portal in Granite, Ministry of Agriculture Experimental Station, Foulum




2017 Grant from Gerhard Hennings Foundation

2013 Honorary Grant from the Danish Art Assocation

2013 The Danish Art Council's homepage funding pool

2011 Anne Marie Telmanyi, Born Carl-Nielsen's Fund, Honorary Grant

2011 Sculptor Gerhard Henning's Grant

2005 Bohusläns (Sweden) Stone Stipend/Honorary Grant to a foreign stone sculptor

2004 Sculptor, Fund of Professor Gottfred Eickhoff and Spouse, Painter Gerda Eickhoff

2004 Merchant L.F. Foght's Fond

2001 Sculptor Gerhard Henning's Grant

2001 Henry Herup's Honorary Grant

1996 Sculptor Gerhard Henning's Grant

1995 Sculptor Gerhard Henning's Grant

1994 Sculptor Gerhard Henning's Grant

1993 Painter H.C. Koefoed and Sister's Grant

1993 Carl Emil and Anna Jacobsen's Grant

1993 King Frederik and Queen Ingrid's Fund

1993 Residency at The Scandinavian Association, Rome

1992 Painter H.C. Koefoed and Sister's Grant

1991 Sculptor Gerhard Henning's Grant

1990 Danish Arts Foundation's Working Grant

1987 National Workshops for Arts and Crafts



Artists' Association Denmark (Billedkunstnernes Forbund, BKF)

The Artists' Collective Workshop, Bohuslän, Sweden (KKV-b)

The Funen Spring Exhibition Cooperative